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Stuff to Do Around Stansted Airport

Londons Big BenThousands of people fly in and out of Stansted Airport and continue on their journeys without ever stopping to take the time to take in some of the fantastic attractions there are in the area. If you happen to find yourself close to Stansted Airport with a few hours or days to spare, never fear . . . there are lots of things to see and do.

Don’t forget that Stansted Airport is one of London’s airports meaning that the fabulous choice of attractions is never too far away. Anybody who really wants to get value for money on a trip to London would be well advised to splash out on a London Pass ticket which can get you and your family into the very best attractions London has to offer. Read More

What Makes a Great Hotel?

Booking a hotel is often a matter of convenience, proximity to essential services, or recommendations from friends. When looking for a suitable hotel, finding the best place possible often involves researching the area, or viewing the pictures on the website to see if it would suit. However, when trying to find a really great hotel, there are some things which a potential guest can try in order to find the perfect place for them to stay: Read More

Top Tips for Packing and Travelling Light

Packing light is certainly the way to go these days. Airlines seem to prefer it, why else would they add on thowoman sitting on the beachse extra charges for larger bags – not forgetting the hassle of waiting at baggage claim when all you really want to do is to continue on your journey.

So what are the top tips for packing light yet taking everything you need for a trip?

Making a list and checking it twice – no, not Santa Claus, you! Write a list of all the things you need, then cross out the ones you don’t really need and you won’t forget anything which you really do need – if you see what I mean.

Create a colour scheme for your trip – you can save space if everything you pack is on the same colour theme, that way you can mix and match your tops, your bottoms, your shoes and your handbags. Read More

Interesting information about Stansted Airport

control tower at stansted airportStansted Airport is one of the most popular transport routes to and from the UK. It is often the location of choice for European air carriers, and is also the most-used airport for low-cost airlines such as Ryan-air. Stansted is the fourth busiest airport in the country, following Heathrow, Gatwick airport and Manchester airport as the most used. Stansted is also popular with private plane users, and is commonly the location of jets landing for state visits or private business deals. Read More

Who’d Have Thought It ?

beach holidayYou may be surprised to hear (or then again, we may be talking about you in which case it won’t come as any surprise at all) that many travellers try to choose holiday destinations which are a little more exciting or exotic than their friends . . . what are they like? There are some pretty exotic destinations on offer from London Stansted Airport but then again it’s also possible to have a really fantastic holiday in somewhere considered to be less than exotic – it Read More

Ground Transportation Options Stansted Airport

Taxi signStansted Airport is a very busy airport, and is used by a range of airlines including a variety of budget airlines such as Ryan-air. Every day, many people fly into the UK and arrive at this airport, including those visiting the UK as well as those arriving back in the UK having been on their holidays abroad.

As is the case when you arrive at any airport, one thing you will want to do once you have cleared customs is to get to your destination or your home as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be hanging around for ages or having to work out your transport options then, it’s always best to plan in advance how you are going to travel to and from the airport. Read More

Killing Time at London Stansted Airport

shopping bagsIf you find that you’ve got a little more time to kill at Stansted Airport than you anticipated don’t worry, there’s plenty of stuff to do. Maybe your journey didn’t take quite as long as you thought it would, maybe your flight has been unavoidably delayed . . . maybe you’re just the type of person who enjoys hanging around in airports for hours before their flight is due to take-off, or maybe you’re waiting for a connecting flight. Read More

Enjoy a Choice of Dining at Stansted Airport

pizzaEvery year, many people fly out of Stansted Airport in London. Some people head off on their holidays from this airport, some fly overseas on business, and others get flight from Stansted because they are heading back home having visited the UK. As one of the busiest UK airport, Stansted now offers a host of facilities and amenities for travellers to benefit from, and this includes a variety of eateries catering for all sorts of budgets. Read More

Tips For Packing Light When Going On Holiday

relaxing on holidayWhen going on holiday the amount of space and weight that you have to work with can be very limited which is why you need to pay attention to what you pack. If you have had trouble with over-packing in the past and would like some tips on how to pack more efficiently then read on.

Don’t Bring More Than You Need

Most people going on holiday tend to pack more things than they Read More

Facts and Figures About Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport carries thousands of passengers to and from their chosen destinations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts and figures pertaining to the airport.

Prepare to be educated, enthralled, shocked and amused . . . .

  • London Stansted Airport flies around 17.5 million passengers to and from their chosen destinations every year – and that’s a lot of people, more than the combined population of Sweden and Finland.
  • This incredible number (17.5 million) means that London Stansted Airport is the third busiest of the London airports (after London Heathrow and London Gatwick naturally) and the fourth busiest in the United Kingdom.

Read More