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What Your Luggage is Saying About You

Airport luggage

Stansted Airport is very often chock full of people bustling about here and there, shopping, catching a quick pre-flight coffee, racing towards the gate before take-off and looking to see if their loved ones have arrived to collect them on time.

What do all of these travellers have in common – you’ve guessed it – luggage.

Some people are like Mary Poppins and can pack enough essentials for a two week holiday into a small holdall, others insist on taking everything except the kitchen sink with them just in case they need it. But never mind the contents of the luggage, what does the actual type of luggage you carry, roll or push say about you?

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Top European Tourist Destinations

European tourist destinations

Deciding where to take your next trip can depend upon many different things. Do you prefer the beach, the mountains, a city break or something different? Do you fancy going somewhere a little different this year?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular European tourist destinations from Stansted Airport :

  • Barcelona – what’s so good about Barcelona? Everything, whether you’ve got a couple of days to spare or fancy a week gazing at the fabulous architecture with the Read More

Stuff to Do on the Way to Stansted Airport

getting to the airport

We’re all so busy rushing around these days, even the relatively simple journey to Stansted Airport can be fraught with stress – “are we going to make it on time?” – “are we nearly there yet?” – “why is this traffic moving so slowly – don’t they know we’ve got a plane to catch?”

Here’s a much better idea, why not start off your journey or holiday with a leisurely drive, take your time and enjoy some of the fabulous stuff to do on the way to the airport. Start your holiday a day earlier and take in some of the sights.

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What makes a great Stansted Hotel Room?

The room you stay in as a guest needs to meet your individual needs, for example if you are a business traveller then you will want a desk to work from perhaps, plenty of sockets and access to the internet. If you are a family then your needs will be different , but this aside there are some important aspects that make up a great room

First is cleanliness, there is nothing worse than staying in a hotel and there being visible signs that someone has been there before you. Yes, you know it’s a hotel but you don’t want to find a half used bar of soap or unwanted hair in the bathroom, or anyones rubbish in the bin. As far as possible you want to feel that it’s your room only, even if it is for a short period of time.

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Great for Business Travellers

Business Travellers

Many business travellers are discovering the advantages of using Stansted Hotels and Stansted Airport for their needs. As well as having a great selection of first class hotels right there at the airport perfect for those early morning getaways there are also a great selection of business services available at the airport itself.

Wireless internet is no problem; there is also a selection of meeting rooms available for those all important business meetings right there at the airport enabling business travellers to meet with colleagues there and then as soon as they land. Why bother moving to another location when everything you need for your business meeting is conveniently situated at Stansted Airport?

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A bit about Stansted Mountfitchet

Stansted Mountfitchet is the village after which the Airport was named, situated in Essex very close to Hertfordshire it is well placed being only 35 miles north of London with good links into the City and also further North to Cambridge.

It has it’s own railway station and is close to the M11 motorway which goes straight into London, Harlow, Cambridge, Braintree and Chelmsford are all close and so you can see it’s close proximity to Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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Fabulous Short City Breaks

short city breaks away

The world is certainly getting smaller which means that there are a whole host of exciting city destinations within just a couple of hours from Stansted Airport. Taking a few days for a city break can provide a welcome respite from normal life . . . just a couple of days can make the world of difference.

How about this for a romantic weekend? Book into one of the delightful hotels close to Stansted Airport ready for an early morning getaway then hop onto an early morning flight to visit one of the fantastic cities available – Cologne, Hanover, Stuttgart are amazing at any time of year, you certainly don’t need to wait for the summer time to get the best from these German destinations. You might even catch one of those amazing Christmas Markets if you time it just right.

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Stansted Hotel Parking Options

Parking at Stansted Airport

There are several reasons why the DeSalis hotel is one of the best choices for those travellers who need to use Stansted airport. We are located right near the airport and we offer some excellent parking package deals for those who choose to spend the night here with us, and also for those who just need reliable, safe parking for their car while they are away and enjoy the convenience of being right on top of the airport itself.

Stansted Airport Parking at Desalis

  • Here at the DeSalis hotel we offer two Stansted airport hotel parking packages.
  • The first is for our residents and is our Park, Sleep and Fly package.
  • Secondly, for those who do not need a hotel stay, the Stansted Airport Park and Fly package leaves your car safely parked for the duration of your time away.

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Not all Parking Deals are Worthwhile

Stansted parking deals are important to anyone flying from this airport. There are legitimate concerns when it comes to parking your car while you’re away. Everyone is concerned with cost, since parking at the airport itself can be extremely expensive, but there are other factors to consider too.

Factors to consider when choosing Stansted parking deals

  • Proximity of the car park to the airport.
  • Safety of the car park offering Stansted parking deals.
  • Availability of shuttles and/or valet services.

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Restaurants to visit near Stansted Airport

Restaurants near Stansted options

We are very lucky in this corner of Essex to be blessed with so many fantastic restaurants, many of which are just a stones throw from the Airport. If you are staying near to Stansted Airport then you might want to venture out to eat and you certainly won’t struggle to find somewhere no matter what your favourite food.

Chinese Restaurants

My personal favourite Chinese restaurant is Gourmet Oriental, they have a fantastic deal where you pay a set fee and can try as many different dishes as you like. Table service is offered so it feels a bit more special that visiting a buffet style restaurant but you get to try lots of different types of food. It’s located in the centre of Bishops Stortford which is located right next to Stansted Airport. There is plenty of parking available.

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