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Top Tips for Packing and Travelling Light

Packing light is certainly the way to go these days. Airlines seem to prefer it, why else would they add on thowoman sitting on the beachse extra charges for larger bags – not forgetting the hassle of waiting at baggage claim when all you really want to do is to continue on your journey.

So what are the top tips for packing light yet taking everything you need for a trip?

Making a list and checking it twice – no, not Santa Claus, you! Write a list of all the things you need, then cross out the ones you don’t really need and you won’t forget anything which you really do need – if you see what I mean.

Create a colour scheme for your trip – you can save space if everything you pack is on the same colour theme, that way you can mix and match your tops, your bottoms, your shoes and your handbags. Read More

Tips For Packing Light When Going On Holiday

relaxing on holidayWhen going on holiday the amount of space and weight that you have to work with can be very limited which is why you need to pay attention to what you pack. If you have had trouble with over-packing in the past and would like some tips on how to pack more efficiently then read on.

Don’t Bring More Than You Need

Most people going on holiday tend to pack more things than they Read More

Fabulous Short City Breaks

short city breaks away

The world is certainly getting smaller which means that there are a whole host of exciting city destinations within just a couple of hours from Stansted Airport. Taking a few days for a city break can provide a welcome respite from normal life . . . just a couple of days can make the world of difference.

How about this for a romantic weekend? Book into one of the delightful hotels close to Stansted Airport ready for an early morning getaway then hop onto an early morning flight to visit one of the fantastic cities available – Cologne, Hanover, Stuttgart are amazing at any time of year, you certainly don’t need to wait for the summer time to get the best from these German destinations. You might even catch one of those amazing Christmas Markets if you time it just right.

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Valentines Getaways from Stansted

valentines day getaway

With Valentine’s Day coming up why not spoil yourself and your partner with a romantic long weekend away flying from Stansted airport. There are plenty of destinations to choose from that are only a few hours flight away so you can be at your destination in no time at all, ready to relax and spend quality time together enjoying each others company.

In today’s busy life many couples don’t get to spend enough good quality time together as much as they would like as there always seems to be something else to do, but to keep the romance alive in any relationship you need to be able to spend some good quality time with just your partner.

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Book your Summer Holiday Now

summer holidays stansted hotel

Booking your summer holiday early not only ensures you get the best range of holiday options available at your dream destination, it also allows you to take advantage of many early booking deals on offer.

Summer holidays may seem like a long way off when we have all this snow and cold weather, but before you know it summer will be here and all the best deals and hotels would have been taken.

To save yourself some money on your holiday here are a few tips:

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Winter Holidays Abroad

winter holidays somewhere sunny

Winter time is a great time to head abroad. Not only is it generally not as busy at many locations but you can find some great deals to get you to sunny spots around Europe or further afield, so you can enjoy more sunshine that the UK has to offer. Whether you want to spend your days lying by the pool or spend your time exploring or playing golf you won’t find a better time to do it than over winter that offers you such great deals.

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Top 5 Packing Tips for Flying

Top 5 packing tips

Whether you’re just jetting off for a short weekend break or planning a long holiday, these packing tips for savvy travellers will not only help you to be more organised but will also help you guard against some of the potential misfortunes often encountered when flying.

Use plastic bags – It helps to pack as much of your stuff into plastic bags as you can. It not only protects the rest of your luggage from any possible toiletry leaks, but also makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for when you unpack. Pack similar items together in bags, e.g. underwear, toiletries, nightwear. You can then use the empty bags for dirty laundry, rubbish, etc. Another bonus is that if security asks you to unpack your suitcase at the airport it’s a bit more organised and discrete to take it out in bags.

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Spring travel to trump summer?

summer bucket and spade

Apparently many UK travellers are planning to travel during spring this year in order to avoid the hectic summer holiday period and its accompanying inflated prices. A recent press release by internet comparison company, Cheap, has revealed that many Brits are hoping to save hundreds of pounds by holidaying earlier in the year.

They collected data from a number of different travel channels which showed that more than half of those questioned are looking to take advantage of the Spring break and are possibly more willing to take their children out of school than to pay the higher prices in the summer holidays.

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