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Need to Park at Stansted Airport?

Airplane Stansted Airport

When you need to park at Stansted Airport, you can either go it alone or take advantage of a nearby hotel. Most people get the best deals by combining a stay at the hotel with their required parking services, but many hotels will accommodate your parking needs without an overnight stay. This makes it very convenient to get through your travels with peace of mind and less stress.

Park at Stansted – Short Stay

What do you do when you need to park at Stansted for an hour or perhaps just overnight for a very brief trip out of town?

  • You could park in the airport parking areas but the expenses can be more than your budget allows.
  • The better alternative is to find a nearby hotel that has a park and fly package.
  • This allows you to park at Stansted with all the convenience and less of the expense of airport parking.

This is perfect if you are just dropping someone off and want to stay until their flight is off the ground or if you are just going for a short trip and will be back the next day.

Since you are likely to be retrieving your own vehicle after parking just make certain the car park is very close to the airport and is safe.

Park at Stansted – Mid Stay

Mid stay parking is great for longer trips where you need to park at Stansted but don’t want your vehicle parked too far away from the airport. However using the airport’s mid stay parking can be expensive. In this case it is worth finding a local hotel that offers park, sleep and fly packages.

These will allow you to park your car at the hotel for the duration of your trip, even though you won’t actually be staying at the hotel for the whole time. It can be a lot more affordable than you think too, often working out less expensive than Stansted it-self’s mid stay parking charges.

Park at Stansted – Long Stay

It could take 15 minutes, maybe a bit more, to get to a vehicle that is parked in Stansted’s long stay car parks. This may sound very inconvenient, but if you need to park at Stansted Airport for longer than a few days, this is probably your cheapest option. The lots may be further from the airport, but they will be safe for long term parking which is extremely important.

However once again it is well worth looking at park, sleep and fly packages at local hotels, as these can work out to be very affordable. They are also extremely convenient, as you can spend the night before or after your flight at the hotel, saving yourself the stress of early morning or late night driving.

Make sure you ask about shuttle services, as a regular service will allow you to get to and from the hotel quickly and easily.

Whether you need short, medium or long stay parking while you are away, make sure you look at all your options. You don’t need to park at Stansted itself to have the convenience of airport parking.

Find out more about the packages DeSalis offers when you need to park at Stansted.