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24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service

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Luxury and Comfort

The Hub at Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport Restaurants and Cafes

Did you know that Stansted airport has over 80 retail, food & beverage outlets throughout the airport? This really is more than enough shops and eating venues to keep you busy whilst awaiting your flight. Many famous brands are available selling their products, along with a fantastic selection of eating and drinking venues to suit every need. You should be able to find the perfect souvenir or have a fantastic shopping spree all before you fly.

There really is so much more to air travel these days. If you don’t want to take your purchases with you on your trip you can use Stansted’s free shop & collect service which allows you to buy your items before you fly and pick them up on the way back. Perfect, everything is thought of.

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Celebrity Spotting at Stansted

Airplane Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport has beaten its record for the most airplanes to be parked up at one time with the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games. The last record stood at 156 airplanes, this was when the Champions League finals were held at Wembley in 2011; however the Olympics Games has seen 165 airplanes parked up overnight. A lot of these being private jets of various sizes making up these numbers.

World leaders, government officials and celebrities arrived for the opening of the games. They were all looked after by the airports private aviation specialists who could easily accommodate this number of planes but there was still a lot of skill and professionalism involved to sort out the logistics of where to park them all, however the staff rose to the challenge and achieved this with no problems.

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Stansted Airport Up for Sale

Stansted airport

Competition Commission (CC) has made a ruling to the BAA that Stansted should be sold along with Gatwick and one of its Scottish airports.

After seven legal challenges by BAA over the last three years, the company has decided it won’t appeal this latest ruling from the Supreme Court.

Stansted is the UK’s fourth busiest airport with its main airlines being the low-cost liners offering great deals to travel to around 150 destinations in 32 countries. With approximately 133,500 flights passing through Stansted every year and approximately 17.5m passengers it no wonder Stansted is so busy.

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Boris backs new runway at Stansted Airport

Airplane by Stansted Airport

It looks as though Stansted Airport is once again going to be the centre of attention thanks to Boris Johnson’s gripe with the government’s aviation policies. Following his earlier push to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary, he has now called for the building of a second runway at Stansted as a short term solution. He has also suggested extending the £14.8 billion Cross-rail scheme (intended to link Heathrow to the City of London) to Stansted.

A BAA spokesman was skeptical about the idea though, saying, “Stansted is a great airport with a superb record for punctuality. But building a new runway at Stansted will not solve the UK’s hub airport capacity crisis.

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Grab a Bite at Stansted Airport

Stansted Cafe and Restaurants

Whether you’re waiting for your flight out of Stansted Airport, have just flown in and need an energy boost before you carry on with the rest of your journey, or are just in the area and fancy a bite to eat, you wont be short of choice.

From coffee to wine and from doughnuts to filling main meals, there is a variety of options available to thirsty and/or hungry travellers and they are continually being added to to keep you taste buds wanting more. Read More

Unacceptable security delays at Stansted Airport

Stansted airport delays

Over the bank holiday weekend, passengers at Stansted Airport were subjected to queues of up to two hours. It wasn’t just disgruntled travellers that were unhappy either, a spokesman for the airport deemed the wait “unacceptably long” too.

“The majority of passengers arriving at Stansted pass through border controls quickly and securely,” he said. “However, at peak times, and similar to many other UK airports, immigration queues can be unacceptably long.

“We recognise that maintaining strong border security is a priority but we also want to see sufficient resources available to meet passenger demand and keep delays to a minimum at the busiest times.

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Air Travel: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

air travel lady

The talks about a baggage handlers strike at Stansted Airport over the Easter weekend, which were luckily cancelled, got us thinking about the best and worst aspects of air travel.  Most of us have had flights where everything has just gone wonderfully smoothly and without any hitches, while other times it seems that nothing goes right.

Here’s a light hearted look at some of the good, the bad and the ugly things about travelling by plane… Read More

Stansted could increase its capacity

Passengers waiting in line

In a recent interview with The Times, Nick Barton, the managing director of Stansted airport, revealed that the airport could increase the number of passengers it handles to approximately 36 million if it was exempt from Civil Aviation Authority regulation, which could help to ease the congestion at Heathrow and Gatwick.

Stansted managers have approached the authority about easing the burden of regulatory restrictions, which apparently cost the airport about twenty grand a week. They feel that the savings made could be passed on to airlines and passengers and enable Stansted to better use its capacity, which is roughly double the current annual passenger count.

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Stansted Airport and Snow

Snow at Stansted airport

Perhaps we’re getting better at coping with the snow lately in the UK or perhaps it was just a case of being forewarned about the weather in advance, but it seems that Stansted Airport didn’t have too many problems due to last week’s snow.

During last year’s snow Stansted didn’t do too badly either and was closed for only 4 hours, which was a lot better than Heathrow or Gatwick. They were on standby to take diverted aircraft last weekend too. Read More

From Stansted to London in Less than an Hour

Train station

Staying in a hotel near Stansted Airport rather than in London itself is a much more affordable way to visit our country’s capital city. The Stansted Express has made it a cinch to get into London, so it really isn’t necessary to fork out for an expensive London hotel.

During ordinary hours the Stansted Express leaves from Stansted Airport every 15 minutes, so it’s easy to catch it at any time of day, and it will usually have you in London Liverpool Street in about 46 minutes. It also stops at Tottenham Hale on the way (the only stop it makes) giving you even more options for exploring London.

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